My notes on the search for The Old Parsonage 30/08/2013




This week Chris (Lydias boyfriend)  found a very interesting booklet on gardens in Wales. It contains details of the work carried out at The Old Parsonage,  Mr and Mrs Bushby's old home at Gresford, including some surprising news re their designer!


Yesterday, motivated by this discovery  I thought it would be fun to try and find the location in Gresford. I started at the church, then the current vicarage, then the previous vicarage where I was told that there were 4 previous vicarages in Gresford!! 


After c 30 minutes of touring Gresford on foot I was directed to the actual site of the The Old Parsonage, now known as Green Pastures in a  secluded spot on the outskirts of the village and easy to miss.


Once there it was my fortune to meet Bryn and Sue Jones (current inhabitants) who filled in a lot of details and provided me with  a lovely photograph of the old house.

The Entrance to Green Pastures 2013
Bryn and Sue Jones Bungalow on the site of The Old Parsonage
Colliers Park the former waste site now Wrexham FC Training Ground