Harry and Eva Youde

Harry and Eva were the butler and housekeeper to Mr and Mrs Bushby.

The 1911 census shows us that Harry was born in Farndon, off Churton Road, in 1910, the youngest child of six children at the time, although his parents eventually had ten children 10 (six boys and four girls).

Harry's parents were called William and Sarah.

William was a stone mason.




Harry's siblings incuded Jonathan, Lilian Mary, Eleanor May, William, Sarah Jane and Annie known as Nancy.


Nancy was the local post lady and also cleaned for the Bushbys.


Harry and Eva in the garden at Sibbersfield
A portrait of Eva Youde


Eva (nee Baxter) was born on 24 February 1914, they married in 1943.


Jayne recalls


'I have loved looking at these old photos and it has brought back memories to me. I didn't see much of Harry and Eva and had forgotten how attractive she was. She was always smiling and a very quiet lady. Harry was a bit of a joker I think.The Youde family was huge.'


Shirley adds


'Mr and Mrs Youde used to live in the flat under the clock tower until 1975.  It was Mr Youde who first showed us round the property. He seemed to think the best feature of the house was the lift (it was removed in Shirleys time at the Hall).Percy showed us around the garden. I believe he was a coal man before he was hired to help Mr Bushby. Mrs Youde always seemed very shy to me.' 


Harry and Eva in the courtyard at Sibbersfield with an unknown boy and cat !
A Christmas Card from Mr and Mrs Mrs Bushby to Mr and Mrs Youde
Harry and Eva in retirement at 1 Sibbersfield Cottages

1 Sibbersfield Cottages (then known as Lane Cottage) was left by Mr Bushby for the use of Harry and Eva until they chose otherwise.Mr Bushby also left them ten thousand pounds each in his will.To put this sum into context, on Mr Bushby's death the buildings and land of the Sibbersfield estate sold for thirty thousand pounds, it is easy to deduce therefore that Mr and Mrs Bushby held both Harry and Eva (and Percy Chaloner) in high esteem.


Harry died on the 23 November 1980.Eva died in 1984 in a nursing home in Chester.


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