Reminiscences and Personal Profiles

This section aims to capture memories and personal profiles of some of the more recent inhabitants/people associated with the Sibbersfield estate. Click on the names below to view.


Will and Sylvia Parsons


Will and Sylvia bought Sibbersfield House in conjunction with Shirley and Mike Hancock buying the Hall. They lived here from 1975 to 1983


Lin Egan


Lin Egan is the sister of Will Parsons and visited the House frequently in the 1970s and 1980s.


Sandra and Dave Banks


Sandra is Shirley Carter's sister. Sandra and Dave Banks were regular visitors to Sibbersfield during Shirley's time here


John and Brenda Bradley


John and Brenda Bradley bought The Lodge in 1985.


Richard and Sue Parkes


Richard and Sue Parkes bought Sibbersfield House in 1986.


Diana Mander and Bill Stanhope


Diana Mander and Bill Stanhope lived in Grace Cottage from 1989 to 2008.