1975 onwards


George Knowles sold the Hall, cottage and gardens for £40,000 in July 1975 to two couples: Mike and Shirley Hancock and Will and Sylvia Parsons, between whom the lot was divided.

Sibbersfield Hall

The Hancocks bought the half of the Hall that retained the name Sibbersfield Hall and Stable Cottage for £22,500. They refurbished the Hall and lived here with their two children: Emily and Matthew. In 1979, they refurbished and extended Stable Cottage. In around 1985, a conservatory was added to the Hall.Shirley lived at Sibbersfield for 28 years.


Sibbersfield House

The Parsons took the other half of the Hall, newly named as Sibbersfield House, Grace Cottage and the Percy Cane garden for £17,500. In October 1975, the Parsons sold Grace Cottage to Chris and Kathryn Quartermain. The Parsons lived in the House with their three children: Richard, Christopher and Sarah.


In 1983, The Parsons sold Sibbersfield House to John and Anne Read.


The Reads sold Sibbersfield House to Richard and Sue Parkes in April 1986. The Parkes live here, originally with their three sons, Gareth, Jeremy and Craig. Their profile can be found here.











A watercolour of Sibbersfield painted for the Reads in the mid 1980's

Stable Cottage

After its refurbishment in 1979 by the Hancocks, Stable Cottage has been rented to a number of different individuals and families, including Roger and Maureen Bayliss, Mike Harrison, Paul and Maggie Bristow and their sons Seb and Ben, and Colin and Helen Wicks.

Grace Cottage

Chris and Kathryn Quartermain bought Grace Cottage from the Parsons in 1975. They lived there with their two daughters, Becky and Lucy, until 1984. Elizabeth Roberts then lived in the Cottage until 1989, when Diana Mander and Bill Stanhope moved in. Their profile can be found here.

Sibbersfield Lodge/The Lodge

The Lodge was the home of Percy Challinor, the long-standing gardener, until 1985 when he moved out of The Lodge to get married for the first time after a 40 year long engagement. It was purchased by John and Brenda Bradley, who completely refurbished and extended the property. Their profile can be found here.

Sibbersfield Hall Farm

In 1975, Andrew Wilson bought Sibbersfield Hall Farm at the auction. He lived there with his wife Val and two children, Fraser and Charlotte. After about three years, the Wilsons sold the Farm to John Bigland, who owned it for around 18 months before it was sold to Tony Brassey in 1980. Mr Brassey lived at the Farm with his wife Bridget and four daughters: Susan, Caroline, Mary and Rachel.


Mike and Vera Hancock bought Sibbersfield Hall Farm from Tony Brassey in around 1987, and sold it to David and Audra Noel the following year.


Geoff and Sue Moss purchased the farm from the Noels in 1989 and carried out very extensive renovations to the buildings and gardens.

In 2003, David and Pauline Williams bought Sibbersfield Hall from Shirley and Bob Carter. David and Pauline have four children: Lydia Jane, Harvey David, Hugh Alexander and Henry (Harry) Richard. They replaced the bathrooms and removed the chimney between the cloakroom and utility room in 2007 to form the existing kitchen.In 2013 the garage was built.

In 2017 Mike and Polly Parker bought Sibbersfield Hall.

  What was happening in the world at large...


Elizabeth II 1952


  • 1974: First close-up images of Mercury.World population reaches 4 billion. Resignation of Richard Nixon.
  • 1975: End of Vietnam War and Fall of Saigon; death of Francisco FrancoJuan Carlos I becomes King of Spain. Haile Selassie I dies in mysterious circumstances. Dmitri Shostakovich dies. Cambodian Civil War ends with victory for the Khmer RougeThe Killing Fields murders begin. First Cricket World Cup hosted.
  • 1976: First outbreak of the Ebola virus. Death of Mao Zedong. End of Cultural Revolution. Steve Jobs finishes his first significant invention, Apple I.
  • 1977: Introduction of the first mass-produced personal computers; launch of the Voyager spacecraft, currently the most distant man-made objects in the universe.Elvis Presley dies August 16th.
  • 1978: Invention of artificial insulin;Birth of the first test-tube baby. Cambodian-Vietnamese War begins. 
  • 1979: Soviet–Afghan War begins. Iranian Revolution and Iran hostage crisis; First close-up images of SaturnMargaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Implementation of China's One child policyIdi Amin exiled from Uganda. Smallpox eradicated. Cambodian-Vietnamese War ends with the overthrow of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime. 1.7 million people known to have been murdered in The Killing Fields. 
  • 1980: Ronald Reagan is elected President of the United States.Solidarity union forms at Poland's Gdańsk Shipyard under Lech Wałęsa, and begins agitation for greater personal freedoms. Death of John Lennon.
  • 1981: First orbital flight of the Space Shuttle.
  • 1982: Falklands War.
  • 1983: GPS becomes available for civilian use.
  • 1984: Beginning of the  the 1984-85 UK miners' strike. Sino-British Joint Declaration agrees to hand Hong Kong back to China by 1997.
  • 1985: Live Aid. Mikhail Gorbachev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union. First use of DNA fingerprinting. 
  • 1986: Challenger and Chernobyl disasters. Launch of the space station Mir. First close up images of the planet Uranus. Return of Halley's Comet. 
  • 1987: Stock market crash of 1987.  World population reaches 5 billion.
  • 1988: Perestroika begins. End of dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. Pan Am Flight 103 falls over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Construction of the Channel Tunnel begins.
  • 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall; 1989 revolution and collapse of the Soviet Bloc in Europe. Tiannanmen Square Massacre in China.  Death of Emperor Hirohito; his son Akihito becomes Emperor of Japan. Fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie. Exxon Valdez oil spill. First close up pictures of Neptune.
  • 1990: Sir Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web. German reunification. Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. Gulf War begins. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changereleases its first assessment report, linking increases in carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, and resultant rise in global temperature, to human activities.
  • 1991: Gulf War ends. Dissolution of the Soviet Union and independence of 15 former Soviet republics. Boris Yeltsin becomes the first President of the Russian Federation.
  • 1992: Maastricht Treaty creates the European Union. Bill Clinton is elected President of the United States.End ofSalvadorian Civil War. Bosnian War begins.
  • 1994: End of apartheid in South Africa and election of Nelson Mandela.  Opening of the Channel Tunnel.
  • 1995: Establishment of the World Trade Organization. NATO bombing raids in Bosnia end the Bosnian War;
  • 1996: Dolly the sheep becomes the first successful cloned mammal. The Taliban government takes control of Afghanistan.
  • 1997: Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from UK to China.  Diana, Princess of Wales is killed in a car accident in Paris. Sound barrier broken on land.
  • 1998: Osama bin Laden publishes a fatwa against the West.  Good Friday Agreement brings an end to The Troubles in Northern Ireland. 
  • 1999: Euro is introduced. Kosovo War ends the Yugoslav Wars.  World population reaches 6 billion.
  • 2000: 3rd millennium celebrations.George W. Bush is elected President of the United States. Vladimir Putin becomes President of Russia.  International Space Station begins operations.
  • 2001: September 11 attacks: Terrorists destroy the World Trade Center in New York, damage the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Wikipedia founded. America demands Iraq allow unfettered access to weapons inspectors. Guantanamo Bay detention camp is established.
  • 2003: Iraq War begins, triggering worldwide protests. The Human Genome Project is completed. Space Shuttle Columbia is destroyed on re-entry.
  • 2004: Enlargement of NATO and the European Union incorporates most of former Eastern Bloc.Boxing Day Tsunami occurs in Indian Ocean, leading to the deaths of 230,000.
  • 2005: IRA end military campaign in Northern Ireland. 7/7 attacks on London Underground. Angela Merkel becomes Germany's first woman Chancellor; Hurricane Katrina kills nearly 2000 people in the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • 2006: Execution of Saddam Hussein. 
  • 2007: Assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
  • 2008: Barack Obama is elected President of the United States.
  • 2009: Death of Michael Jackson. Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest skyscraper, is completed. 
  • 2010: David Cameron becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Threat of Greece defaulting on its debts triggers the European sovereign debt crisis and Ireland's bankruptcy. The largest oil spill in US history occurs in the Gulf of Mexico.  The website Wikileaks releases thousands of classified US documents. Arab Spring triggered by self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17, 2010 in Tunisia.
  • 2011: Independence of South Sudan. Arab Spring: revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya follow, as well as uprisings in Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, and protests in several other Arab countries. News International phone hacking scandal. A 9.0 earthquake near Tohoku, Japan triggers a tsunami that results in 16,000 deaths and the meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.  Deaths of Muammar Gaddafi, Osama bin Laden. World population reaches 7 billion.
  • 2012: The London Olympics.The Higgs bosonis discovered.Skydiver Felix Baumgartner becomes the first person to break the sound barrier without a vehicle.
  • 2013: 22nd July, Prince George of Cambridge is born, first child of Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela die.
  • 2014: The World Cup Brazil.Scotland votes to stay in the UK.Malaysia flight 370 disappears.Ebola outbreak in Africa.
  • 2015:A million refugees arrive in Europe.Queen Elizabeth II becomes Great Britain's longest-reigning monarch at 63 years and seven months, beating the previous record set by her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.
  • 2016:North Korea Missile Tests.UK votes to leave the EU. Donald Trump becomes American President
  • 2017:Britain triggers Article 50.The June 2016 “Brexit” vote was merely advisory. Actually initiating divorce proceedings from the European Union (EU) required Britain to invoke Article 50.A terrorist bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester kills 22 people and injures over 500
  • 2018: The Winter Olympics are held in South Korea. The World Cup is held in Russia and is won by France.Apple becomes the world's first public company to achieve a market capitalisation of $1 trillion
  • 2019:England won the 2019 Cricket World Cup by defeating New Zealand in the final. Liverpool win the Champions League for the 6th time by defeating Tottenham 2-0.The COVID-19 pandemic begins in Wuhan, Hubei, China.
  • 2020:Britain left the EU.February 11 The World Health Organization (WHO) names the disease COVID-19.March 24 The United Kingdom goes into lockdown to contain COVID-19. 25th June Liverpool win the Premier League.