The Society

Its not all work !

In November 2007, the inaugural meeting of the Sibbersfield Historical Society was held with the aim of developing a permanent collection of the history, stories, photographs, documents, etc. relating to the original Sibbersfield Estate.


Since then, the Society has met around twice a year and gradually pieced together this account of the Sibbersfield Estate.


Members of the Society:

  • John and Brenda Bradley - The Lodge
  • Bob and Shirley Carter - former residents of Sibbersfield Hall
  • Richard and Sue Parkes - Sibbersfield House
  • Bill Stanhope and Diana Mander - Grace Cottage
  • David and Pauline Williams - Sibbersfield Hall

Sibbersfield Estate Reunion, Summer 2010

Sibbersfield Estate Reunion, Summer 2010 Sibbersfield Estate Reunion, Summer 2010


Following the restoration of the bell tower and the installation of a new bell from St. John's in Weymouth, Sibbersfield Historical Society held an unveiling ceremony and reunion at the estate in the summer of 2010. Around 40 people attended, ranging from past inhabitants to those who had dedicated their lives to the upkeep of the property and surrounding land. The day began with the christening of the new bell, with a champagne toast on its first chime, before the attendees enjoyed a barbecue in the Percy Cane garden. The day was a great success with many fond memories being recounted and the Society sharing some of their findings on the history of the estate. Following the event, we received this letter reminiscing on the wonderful reunion:

Letter from Kay Davidson
Letter from Kay Davidson, an attendee of the reunion
Letter from Kay Davidson.pdf
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